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Originally from Maine, Jeffrey Lord a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist is an  accomplished dressage rider and trainer.  At an early age Jeffrey was on the backs of these amazing animals learning the language of the horse. Jeffrey had a unique start to riding, his introduction to riding and horses was Vaulting.  His first two years of riding  were spent on the lunge line jumping on and off the horses, For two years he never sat in a saddle or even held a pair of reins, which proved most valuable in giving him the natural balanced, independent seat he has on the horse today.  In 2005 Jeffrey started seriously pursuing his career as a professional Dressage trainer. Jeffrey started his studies at the Trakehner breeding farm Valhalla, from there he studied under many Florida trainers, worked with many different breeds of horses and finally wound up in Wellington, FL working for Jan Brons.


Jeffrey has worked with several well known and top trainers including Rafael Soto,

Henk Van Bergen, Andrea Woodard, Kathy Connelly, Sharon Poulin,ᅠCourtney King-Dye, Lendon Gray, Walter Zettl  and many more.


Through a love of horses, over 20 years of hard work, and thousands of hours in the stable, Jeffrey Lord has learned not only to ride these amazing animals, but to open the lines of communication and work in unison with even the most challenging of horses. Jeffrey works in harmony with the horse to create a beautiful picture of horse and rider floating effortlessly across the arena as one. ᅠHe believes that the horse must want to work with the trainer and must never be forced.ᅠ Jeffrey’s passion and natural talent for working with these animals has allowed him to live his dream as a Professional Dressage Trainer.

Jeffrey now owns and operates his own training business out of Vero Beach, FL.



Lord Dressage is built on a foundation of horse care and horsemanship, which supports their goal of dressage excellence. All of the grooms, riders, owners and clients of Lord Dressage make up a team that is crucial to the health and happiness of the horses and the overall success of Lord Dressage. Our team believes in putting the mental and physical needs of the horses at the top of the list, every aspect of each horse's well being is constantly monitored and adjusted accordingly to allow each horse to progress in the fullest way possible.




 Jeffrey Lord: Head Trainer, Owner


Professional Dressage training through Grand Prix.




Morgan Welchel : Barn Manager/Groom


Morgan began her love of horses at a very young age. She has competed in many disciplines such as western pleasure, hunter/jumpers, polo, barrel racing & dressage. Morgan attended Florida State College where she studied Equine Business Management.

 “ Love your horses and always work to achieve perfect harmony between you and your horse”



Lord Dressage is a combination of talent, teamwork, and determination designed to help our clients achieve success. ᅠWhether you are looking for a tune-up for the show ring, a professional rider for your young horse or simply to learn how to become a more harmonious part of the team between you and your horse,  Lord Dressage offers a complete line of services to help you reach your goals and quite possibly reach goals you may not have thought possible.




Jeffrey Lord



Vero Beach

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