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Lord Dressage is a combination of talent, teamwork, and determination designed to help clients achieve success.  Whether you are looking for a tune up for the show ring, a professional rider for your young horse or simply to learn how to become a more harmonious part of the team between you and your horse,  Lord Dressage offers a complete line of services to help you reach your goals and quite possibly reach goals you may not have thought possible.



Jeffrey brings years of quality, correct, classical dressage training experience to both horses and riders of any level and can help you achieve your goals. Jeffrey offers a training program to fit your needs. If you have a young horse that you would like trained up the levels, a horse that you would like sold, or would like to accomplish your personal goals he has a custom program based on you and your horses individual needs.

Lord Dressage is based on the classical values that Jeffrey believes are the only way to true harmony between horse and rider. Come join the team and together we can help bring back classical riding to the everyday training of the horse and the show ring!!



Lord Dressage offers a sales prep program to help tune up your horses for sale and get them ready to show to potential buyers. We can also assist you in finding your next equine partner. Please contact for more details.


Lord Dressage offers private lessons to every level of rider either at one of the facilities we operate out of or if within a reasonable distance Jeffrey is happy to travel to your farm.

Lord Dressage offers both monthly and per session rates. Please contact for more details.



Jeffrey travels all over the country to teach clinics to students of every level and prides himself on his calm and helpful teaching style that makes it easy for the horse and rider to be able to understand each other,

and work to accomplish their goals.



Jeffrey Lord



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